Eradicating Education or Making Sure Everyone Is Equally Dumb

I know just as much as you,
Equal our intelligence.
Shared our single point of view,
Substandard is our eloquence.

Across the board, always the same,
Towards correction we’re ambivalent.
All at fault yet none to blame,
Ignorance is deemed irrelevant.

Emptiness will make us closer,
Error just a shade of gray.
Autism prisms every poster,
A spectrum adorns all displays.

Isolated are opinions,
Until the facts can be controlled.
Puzzled faces the position,
Students, thoughtless, are steam-rolled.

Redefined are definitions,
Dissipating common sense.
Eradicating erudition,
Dumbing down the minds essence.

Dissolving space the teacher/student,
Scholastics is too long of a word.
Grunts and howls are much more prudent,
Conjoined the sane with the absurd.

Onward rolling, retrofitting,
Students the commodity.
Indoctrination and unwitting,
The learned now an oddity.

Unresponsive are the minions,
Who rule aloof disguised aplomb.
Conquered are the school dominions,
As the mindless educate the dumb.


World Trade Craft

Aloof are the fools who stand at the site,
Long names they will chant into cauldrons of night.
Nocturnal their mission, false flags are displayed.
Their craft is a path that is masterfully played.

People replaced and actions redoubled,
Watchers waylaid, and promotions for trouble.
Others are invited to this dreadful dance,
As patriots gaze and fall into a trance.

A play with no end, each day a line added.
Synthetic are tears with faces formatted.
As water descends down memory’s hole,
Brains are then ushered and minds are controlled.

An ever expanding power and struggle,
Far the influence of fiends in this huddle.
Yet facades will stand and new buildings rise tall,
With war on demand and unfreedom for all.

Paper Prisons

Mazes made of words and walls
Pages we ponder and confuse
Catacombs and caterwauls
Designed to constrict and confuse

Doors and mirrors mimic space
Mirages madden every sense
Crumbs are swept away, no trace
Context contorted heavy dense

Weighted is the verbiage
Making the simple more verbose
Multi-cornered curtilage
Keep the peasants standing close

No chains to bind or cells to lock
No bands to break or ropes to loose
In paper prisons ticks the clock
As minds are slid into the noose

A free land with no liberty
Disappeared yet few observed
Erased with none to over see
Themselves receive what they deserve

Eroded laws and moral mud
A nation falls, a distinct thud
Replaced in total, thought control
The name remains but replaced the soul.


Trumplestiltskin makes a deal
Opportunity his game
Turning all to gold and steel
Fortune fame his goal and aim

Precisely plotted are his footsteps
People pawns within his realm
Punching jabbing the boxer adept
When the podium he helms

False his vacillating candor
Mud is slung and then he smiles
To popularity he panders
Masterful this serpent’s wiles

A Midas of calamity
Rotating are his steadfast views
Unwise are those who fail to see
His selfless offer is a ruse

Renovated his facade
Blatant is his grand parade
Yet the brainless simply nod
And shout aloud at his charade

Fond of calling things tremendous
His words repetitive and rote
Calmly making thing contentious
The instigator who loves to gloat

Inconsequential is the truth
To those who plod along the path
Fondly follow the uncouth
And gladly trade all class for crass

Great the gold and huge the promise
This ruler rules by his caprice
Pretending to be true and honest
Platinum plated his valise

Cheap the Donald Dunce adorned
Goals controlled and second handed
Prideful is his lust allure
A man of twisted tin rebranded

It’s not beyond your eyes inspection
Don’t fail to see this man’s deception
Foolish agreements with tyrants receive
No mercy, pardon nor reprieve

Media Message Source Array

Reports contort the daily muddle,
Collapse the news construed.
Mass the media routinely huddles,
Aligning every view.

Facts they fracture, words of fission,
Meaning they do destroy.
Sorcery removes decision,
The mindless they employ.

Compliance with the ebb and flow,
Concurrent the occurrence.
Homogenates will tell and show,
Unthought not a deterrence.

Concocted is this witches brew,
A potion partial mist.
A cauldron melting points of view,
So truth can be dismissed.